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Our club trips are not just about getting from A to B. All trips are meticulously planned with points of interest throughout the journeys ensuring our members have the highest quality of experiences on route to a carefully chosen destination.

Whether it’s a walk through a rainforest to a magnificent waterfall or dropping into a local winery for lunch, our trips make the most of the great outdoors.

Catering for all types of 4WD’ing from sand dune driving to ancient river bed crossings in the red centre, Victoria Police Wheel Drive Club members explore the country with like minded family oriented people.


What We Offer

From day trips to 35 day trips, our Club offers a variety of adventures to suit all making lifelong  memories on every journey. Discover the sand dunes of Victoria, travel the spectacular coastlines of our state and visit many unknown hidden treasures in the High Country
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We Are A Vibrant Family

We Value Safe, Enjoyable And Responsible 4WD Activities

We value safe, enjoyable and responsible 4WD activities (which reduces/eliminates vehicle damage) and aim to minimise our environmental impact and footprint through efficient task processes  (trip planning/preparation).


Our Training Courses

Our accredited training courses are run by nationally qualified instructors either in house or through the Four Wheel Drive Victoria Association. Club members receive discounted rates on all courses with a certificate of qualification upon completion of courses attended.

Quality Equipment At Affordable Rates

As it is expected that all trip participants be self-sufficient with their own camping equipment, the Victoria Police Four Wheel Drive Club members have access to discounts from many 4WD and camping equipment suppliers ensuring members can obtain quality gear at affordable rates.

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Our Patrons

Our Vision & Mission



What Our Members Say

Mr. Jason S

“Through the VP4WD Club I have been able to visit areas of Australia that I’d only ever dreamt off whilst. Travelling the country with my peers has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and skills with all things off road whilst making lifelong friends along the journey”

Mr. A Clayton

“Being part of club that offers so much in the form of education, knowledge with the extensive trip opportunities is fantastic to be involved with. The club’s friendly dynamics add another level of enjoyment to off-roading giving all the club adventures that extra element of fun”

Ms. S Rogers

“I love the versatility of the trips. Whether I need to pack the swag or take my camper trailer, I am always confident that where ever we are heading the adventure has been well planned with plenty of information for that particular trip. After a day of travelling and sightseeing, sitting around the campfire with a great bunch of people makes the club that little bit more special”

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Your Next Adventure Is Right Around The Corner

Explore the great outdoors, make new friends, learn new skills, share your knowledge and experiences with people who also have a passion for off-road adventures.

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2023 Copyright Victoria Police 4WD Club Inc | Website built by Tactik​

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